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Enjoy learning more from the fantastic professionals and self-advocates who comprise and support Exceptional Needs Today.  Click below to find out more!

Robert Bernstein

Listen as Robert responds to the question:
"How Do I Get My Kid Ready for School?"


Robert J. Bernstein has a personal link to autism, having grown up with an autistic brother and being the parent of an autistic son. His family experience as a child led him to seek out training in developmental psychology and education, the knowledge base that is underlying in the cognitive method he developed and used throughout his career working with autistic children. Robert J. Bernstein is an International consultant for autism treatment in USA, UK, and India. His work with a previously non-speaking child whom he helped learn to speak was documented in the New York Times.


Welcome to Exceptional Endeavors, a mini-podcast brought to you by Exceptional Needs Today, an award-winning special needs magazine designed to educate and support families, caregivers, self-advocates, educators, and professionals. Amy KD Tobik, the founder of Exceptional Needs Today, had the pleasure of speaking with Raun K. Kaufman, author of the book Autism Breakthrough and the co-creator of the Autism Crisis Turnaround protocol known as ACT, which pioneered the concept of the Neuro-Crash.


Springbrook's Converge Autism Radio
Collaborating for Change!

Join Dr. Holmes with her two guests Amy KD Tobik and Jeanetta Bryant. They will be talking about the importance of collaboration in the special needs world. Both Amy and Jeanetta have so many resources and different areas of expertise to share with the listeners! Both Dr. Holmes and Jeanetta are proud contributors to Exceptional Needs Today magazine.


Autism In Action Podcast 

Exceptional Needs Today Magazine

Interview with Editor-in-Chief Amy KD Tobik

Autism in Action's Tosha Rollins interviews magazine publisher Amy KD Tobik, an award-winning magazine editor with more than 30 years of publishing experience. 

TOBIK 2.jpg

Authority Magazine/The Medium
Female Disruptors: Amy KD Tobik of ‘Exceptional Needs Today’ On The Three Things You Need To Shake

Amy KD Tobik was interviewed by Candice Georgiadis as part of a series about women who are shaking things up in their industry for Authority Magazine, a Medium publication devoted to sharing in-depth interviews, featuring people who are authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech.

Lone Heron Publishing
Getting to Know Exceptional Needs Today

Learn about the mission and the audience Exceptional Needs Today aims to serve. Find out about a variety of topics including managing therapies and diagnoses, financial planning, personal rights, educational rights, transitioning to adulthood, mental health support, self-advocacy, and so much more.

Lone Heron Publishing
The Multiplicity and Broad Reach of Our Communication Vehicles

Find out about our additional communication vehicles including Community Connections and Exceptional News Blast. Also learn about the supportive community and partnerships including large nonprofits and advocacy groups as well as a special editorial partnership with Bright Feats, a print publication distributed to 100,000 people several times per year.

HealthMatters - Boston University’s College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
Promoting early self-advocacy among children with disabilities

Rose Adams_Headshot-2.jpg

A conversation with Karen Jacobs and Rose Adams, MS, OTR/L
What does it mean to "Give kids a voice?" How can we help promote early self-advocacy among children with disabilities? What is Exceptional Needs Today magazine? In this episode, we welcome BU’s PP-OTD Doctoral student and Executive Director of Changing Lives Occupational Therapy, Rose Adams. Listen to learn more about the motivations behind her doctoral study and her five suggestions for fostering early self-advocacy. Rose is a contributor to Exceptional Needs Today magazine.

Springbrook's Converge Autism Radio
Abilities Workshop

A conversation with Dr. Stephanie Holmes and Jeanetta Bryant
Jeanetta Bryant is the Founder and Executive Director of Abilities Workshop, Inc. She is dedicated to helping special needs families find answers and children impacted by a special needs diagnosis be their best. Jeanetta is an author, developer, and advocate. As a mom of two children, one with ASD, she finds no greater joy than watching them develop and achieve their dreams. Her interests include family time at home or at a theme park, college football, and making memories. Jeanetta is a contributor to Exceptional Needs Today magazine.

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