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Interested in Contributing?
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Whether you're an educator, medical expert, self-advocate, parent, or student, all perspectives and voices are valuable.


Exceptional Needs Today is a digital publication designed to guide and support families and children with exceptional needs including special needs, disabilities, and/or differently abled. Magazine readers receive the latest news/research, expert guidance, therapies, and advice on unique books and products. Our team aims to educate and energize families, caregivers, educators, and professionals while preparing for a healthy future. Every issue will promote awareness, acceptance, and inclusiveness for all people and will be available at no charge. We would love for you to contribute. 


Our team seeks your guidance on the best ways to manage diagnoses, mobility and accessibility, personal rights, educational rights, occupational therapy, resources, schools and camps, transitioning to adulthood, job opportunities, financial planning, and supporting the family/caretakers. We also welcome personal narratives.

If you have an idea you would like to pitch, please reach out to the editor-in-chief, Amy KD Tobik at


We cannot guarantee all ideas or manuscripts submitted will be accepted. Be sure when writing to consider your audience, use sensitive language, and stay respectful to all people.


To ensure your article will be reviewed, please adhere to the following guidance:

  • Submit original content not previously published or posted online

  • Cite your sources at the end of the article to avoid plagiarism

  • Keep your submission to between 600-1,500 words

  • Submit your article in Word, if possible, using Calibri 11pt, line spacing 1.15

  • Include your full name and professional title in your byline (example: Jane Smith, PhD)

  • Provide a short bio written in the third person along with links and a headshot

  • Photos must be high resolution and pasted into the submission. If the images include minors, permission from parent/guardian must be given for publication



If your article is accepted, you will receive an email from our team. Keep in mind your work may be edited by our professional copyeditors.

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